Confidence & Model Training Courses

Our Confidence Building and Model Training Courses are arranged throughout the year over a 3 week period.

  • Attendance is over 2 evenings per week and consist of 6 lessons in total;
  • Our highly experienced team of professionals will instruct and guide you in the techniques, strategies and behind the scenes knowledge of the modelling industry enabling you to grow your confidence and provide you with the necessary skills to develop your career as a model in this ever changing profession.

Our Confidence Building and Model Training Courses will provide you with the following skills, knowledge and advice:
Deportment, image advice, styling, skin care, beauty tips, hair styling, confidence building, body language, professionalism and general etiquette.

Short Courses for Schools and Colleges

Morton Gledhill run short courses designed specifically for pupils of all ages. Our comprehensive programme for schools is designed to prepare pupils for interviews, guiding pupils in behaviour and etiquette in the workplace. Our short courses for schools cover Confidence, Deportment, Beauty and Styling.

For further information on any of the above courses please email or contact our office with your details or to arrange an appointment to discuss your individual requirements.